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About Cincinnati Preservation Collective

We are an active and growing group dedicated to raising awareness of Cincinnati’s built environment and the need to historically preserve it. With the support of the Cincinnati Preservation Association (CPA), CPC started in the fall of 2013 in response to a growing number of demolitions occurring throughout our city. Within Cincinnati, there is much to preserve, especially since we have several historic districts, neighborhoods over 100 years old and nationally-renowned architecture. For the first time in several decades, Americans are returning to cities to live and work. With this happening in Cincinnati, CPC joins other preservationists and community members to advocate for historic preservation in the midst of urban redevelopment.

We believe that if everybody is exposed to the value of historic preservation—through public engagement, monthly events and active social media—that our city will be better for it. We also believe that publicity and intervention in cases of demolition allow for the community to have an impact on the changes occurring in our historic neighborhoods. To this effect, we have been involved in efforts to save several buildings, most recently the Davis Furniture Building, the Bavarian Brewery, the building at 313 W. 5th Street and the Dennison Hotel.

Our mission is to be positive and proactive stewards of Cincinnati’s historic infrastructure. Our vision is to make this city the best it can be for its residents and community through historic preservation.



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Do you know of any buildings in danger of being torn down? Have any cool building histories? Are you a professional looking to get more involved in historic preservation projects? Just want to say hello? Shoot us an email using the form below, we read and respond to them all.

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