To have a real estate project is to ask 1001 questions on the type of good desired according to its capacities but also on the Mirandament of this real estate. One of the first choices to make is to decide for new or old. In both cases, a home loan can be subscribed. The aid, on the other hand, differs slightly. Is it better to bet on new or old? The online comparator answers you.

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  1. The mortgage
  2. The property
  3. Maintenance costs
  4. Resale of the property
  5. Compare offers to choose well

The mortgage


Whether you want to buy a new home or an old housing, it will be possible to take out a mortgage of variable duration. The rate remains the same and depends more on the duration than the good that one wishes to buy.
The aid, on the other hand, differs according to the nature of the property. Old properties are cheaper but open very little help. New dwellings and old dwellings with renovation works are real estates for which it is possible to obtain the most help. Indeed, energy performance is decisive.

Among the existing aids we find:

  • The zero interest loan,
  • The housing equity loan,
  • The loan agreement,
  • The housing savings loan,
  • Assisted loans such as loans for civil servants, loans offered by supplementary and mutual retirement pension schemes or loans granted by family allowance funds (CAF).

The property

Old properties are more numerous and generally better located. New properties, particularly from real estate programs, are most often located on the outskirts of agglomerations or in urban areas in the making. These goods are attractive but often expensive. They are also much more numerous. In general, a new home costs 20% more than an old home.

Maintenance costs

To decide between the new and the old, it is necessary to take stock of the different maintenance costs. An old home is less expensive to buy but costs more in maintenance. For new homes, the opposite is true. Whether housing is new or old, it can be associated with sometimes high condominium fees. These costs are to be considered when acquiring real estate.

Resale of the property

Resale of the property

The possible resale of a property is to be taken into account during the purchase. Indeed, today many attractive real estate properties can be difficult to resell in the future. This is the case of homes or housing estates from real estate programs. Isolated or noisy goods are also difficult to sell. The choice of geographical location is therefore essential.

Compare offers to choose well

Compare offers to choose well

In the new as in the old, to carry out your project, you must find the Mirandament. With the online comparator, you can compare loan offers, help you can benefit and insurance borrowers. Thus, it is incomplete independence that you will find the Mirandament of your future home.

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